Why Toothpaste Tablets are Good for You and The Planet

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You should already know the many benefits of brushing your teeth twice a day. It’s an important habit to cultivate if you want to have healthy teeth and a bright smile. However, the fact remains that traditional brushing methods are harmful to both: your body and the environment.

As more of us become aware of this reality, many people are willing to help the planet by changing how we brush our teeth. Yes, it may not seem like a big effort individually, but collectively it can and will make a significant difference.

So how exactly can you or anyone take care of your teeth while minimizing the impact on the environment? 

Toothpaste tablets!

These alternative dental care products (made from 100% natural ingredients) are planet friendly mainly because they help lower plastic waste. This means, you no longer have to feel guilty about impacting the planet in your quest to keep your teeth clean.

What Exactly Are Toothpaste Tablets?

Even though toothpaste has been around for a long, long time, it’s no longer the only option to brush your teeth. The dental hygiene space has a new and more viable entrant: toothpaste tablets.

Toothpaste tablets are liquid-free but function just like your basic, run-of-the-mill toothpaste. They come in an eco-friendly glass bottle and help you clean/polish your teeth while keeping them safe from cavities. Also, they contain essential oils, making it easy for you to keep your breath fresh for longer periods of time.

Using them is simple: put one in your mouth, chew it well and start brushing as you normally do. Yes, you don’t even need water because they basically dissolve in your mouth, creating a natural toothpaste then and there.

With more than a billion plastic tubes destined for landfills each year, toothpaste tablets prove to be a great, eco-friendly alternative.

Why Toothpaste Tablets Beat Toothpaste Any Day

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These disc-shaped toothpaste tablets look like your regular breath mints—and absolutely nothing like toothpaste. But what makes them better is not just how great they look, but what actually goes into making them.

They Come in Organic Flavors

The moment you pop a toothpaste tablet in your mouth, the organic flavor hits you, giving a cleaner, fresher taste. Also, since these tabs are void of any animal products, they are vegan-friendly. While the mint flavor comes second to safety, it's still important to consider when selecting a toothpaste.

They Help You Fight Cavities Naturally

You’ll find that most brands of toothpaste tablets contain an ingredient called xylitol. This not only helps you get rid of harmful bacteria in your mouth but also gives it a sweet, fresh feel. If you want to fight cavities the natural way, then these all-natural tabs are the way to go.

They are Gentle on Your Teeth

Toothpaste is popular, but in the long run, it’s going to do more harm than good to your teeth. How? The toothpaste foam that forms in your mouth is made up of abrasives and surfactants that help in removing stains but are known to be harsh on your teeth.

Toothpaste tablets, on the other hand, do not use any such chemicals since they do the same job using sodium bicarbonate or baking soda along with natural foaming agents. Which makes them a better, more organic alternative to cleaning your teeth without putting your teeth’s enamel at stake.

3 Toothpaste Tablet Advantages You Can’t Ignore

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Still not convinced? While there are many benefits of using toothpaste tablets, here are three reasons you should choose them over your regular toothpaste:

  1. Less Plastic Waste

    Since toothpaste tablets do not require excessive packaging, you won’t be contributing to the growing plastic waste problem. MOOP is focused on creating high-quality eco-friendly products, which is why we use recyclable materials for all our packaging. And since toothpaste tablets come in glass bottles, you can refill them each time you’re out of them. Taking care of your teeth while saving your environment doesn’t get any easier.

  2. Easy Storage

    You may or may not have much storage space in your bathroom. But what matters at the end of the day is that you keep your bathroom clutter-free. Large toothpaste tubes often add to the clutter, while toothpaste tablets can be neatly stored. You can tuck them away in a small drawer/box or store them in your medicine cabinet, which adds to the aesthetics of your bathroom.

  3. Ideal for Travel

    Regardless of how small your trip is, you can’t miss out on the essentials. But most of the time you tend to run out of space—even after careful planning. If you’re trying to minimize the number of items in your carry-on, bulky toothpaste tubes in square packaging are never a good idea. It makes it harder for you to store them in small travel cases. This is when toothpaste tablets can come handy. Whether you’re going on a road trip or planning an outdoor camping trip, they can prove to be an ideal choice. In case you’re traveling by air, these tablets won’t get you in trouble with the airport security as they are TSA approved.

So there you have it! If you're interested in trying toothpaste tablets, see what we have in stock: